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  • I finally picked up a copy of your book and it's awesome, really good stuff in there. I truly appreciate your insights. - Tim Quick

  • I want to thank you for writing this book. I'm 49 years old and don't have the time to sit around and figure things out by listening to CDs. This book is invaluable to me; the first two tracks on hybrid picking and banjo rolls were worth the price of the book right off the bat. Thanks again, David Watts
  • I love this CD. Hawley's versatility is nothing short of amazing and he does it all really well while maintaining an original voice. What more could you ask for,-- Mark Dziuba (Director of Jazz Studies, SUNY New Paltz, New York, Jazz guitar monster, Author for Alfred Publishing)

  • “Michael Hawley is one of those gifted musicians that can play virtually any style of music with taste, intelligence and feeling. He accomplished all of that and more on his new CD. I highly recommend it!” -- Matt Smith (NYC based performer and session guitarist, Ovation clinician, Author for Alfred Publishing)

  • "Michael Hawley is a musician of the highest caliber. Listening to him play can be a humbling experience, for even the most accomplished guitarists. His fiery yet restrained style defines him as truly a guitarist's guitarist. Michael Hawley is definitely one of the great unknown guitarists of our generation."-James Hogan (North Florida based Jazz/Fusion virtuoso and educator)
  •           Samples from Tele Talk
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    Trunk of Fun (Country/Rock) Art Deco (Jazz/Rock)
    Crazy Fingers (Country) Tele Talk (Jazz/Rock)
    Bayou (Blues) Speakeasy (Jazz/Rock)
    Hawley Claws (Jazz/Rock) Suspension (Jazz/Rock)
    Portrait (Jazz/Rock)    Stop Music
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